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Legalized Crime
by Roger C. Bull

In dire times, desperate actions tend to overrule the sanity of a society. When bad is good, and proper is shameful, laws change to fit the mores of the times. Drastic actions become commonly accepted to return sanity to a populace gone wild.

Presidential candidate, Martin Talbot, proposed one solution to stabilize the nation's depressed economy and, at the same time, to reduce the violent crime rate. The answer: the Economic Recovery and Crime Reduction Act. The news media dubbed it the Legalized Crime bill. Included in the act is a new process for executing criminals with a history of violent crimes: nexecution. Antagonists call it legalized murder.

Assassin Hunter
by August Palumbo

National award winner
Number 1 in England for two years under true crime stories

"I was physically and mentally braced for whatever death brings. Then I began to think rationally, and gained control of my thought process. If he intended to kill me, would he do it in a public place?"

The reader is taken inside a federal agent's undercover world; and through his eyes, you witness a life-and-death race against time to prevent a contract killing. Life among criminals is balanced with his mission is to hunt down a paid assassin - only to find that he himself is hired as the killer. In living the life he encounters the New Orleans mafia, cop killers, bank robbers, gamblers, race fixers, and eventually, Interpol. At one point in the story he prays silently as a killer presses a sawed-off shotgun to his head. He struggles to maintain his own moral compass, and suffer the forced separation from his wife and young son.

The story exposes the underworld of the Cajun French, known chiefly for their unique cuisine and music. The characters and events are based on a true crime story. The action entails a suspenseful, hard-hitting, first-hand account of an extraordinary true crime story.

Superflare: The Fortunate Ones
by Lisa Poche Calhoun

After the Earth suffers a natural catastrophe that has brought with it EMP-like devastation, Colton Rayner’s family must fight to survive in an unfamiliar world. All modern means of communication have been lost and times are hard; there’s no electricity, stores have been looted and abandoned, gas pumps don’t work, and there’s no way to buy food or call for medical help. The family finds they must rely on horses, wagons, and their own ingenuity and will to live.

The patriarch of this farm family, Harold Engquist, had tried to prepare his loved ones in advance with the skills and the provisions needed to endure hard times, but did he do enough? Will his food stores attract desperate people who are in search of food and clean water, or worse yet, the unwanted attention of the degenerate Claggit family?

Meanwhile, Abby, a lovely stranded stranger, unloads her two horses and leaves her truck and trailer on the highway to go in search of help. She happens upon the family's farm, which soon pits Colt and his cousin Tyler against each other as they vie for her attention.

This survival fiction / contemporary western / romance novel is sure to pull you in when you join this family as they try to adapt and look to the future.

"I think most people are stronger than they know. It's the lucky ones that haven't had their strength tested."- Lisa Poché Calhoun

The Last Request of Jesus:
Complete Christian Unity

by Edward Anthony

God said, "This is my beloved Son on whom my favor rests. Listen to him." - Matthew 17:5

Jesus said, "Why do you call me Lord, Lord and not put into practice what I teach you? Any man who desires to come to me will hear my words and put them into practice." - Luke 6:46-47

1. That we do the will of God each day, not our own will.
2. That we accept Jesus as the Son of God and as out Savior.
3. That we do the basic teachings of Jesus (love God, love neighbor, prayer, fasting, eucharist).
4. That we live daily the life of love Jesus teaches (love, forgiveness, mercy, compassion and reconciliation) as a sign to the world that Jesus is the Son of God.
5. That we are united in the Holy Spirit.
6. That we reverently receive the Eucharist under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
7. That we pray daily the unifying creed of Jesus' own words.

Fairhope Anthology
The Fairhope Writers Group

Short stories written by Fairhope authors about people or places related to Fairhope, Alabama.

Fairhope Anthology Book II
The Fairhope Writers Group

Additional short stories written by Fairhope authors.

Fairhope Guidebook
The Fairhope Writers Group

Reviews of Fairhope's restaurants, businesses, parks and other notable locations, a tour guide for visitors.

Learning Not To Run Away
by Peggy Bennitt

In not running away I will use this experience to understand this person or people God has put before me to share with them as best I can. Knowing this I found out I have to take myself out of self and try and walk in their shoes for the time being.

For an example in being associated with a school that had Orphans as well as abused children. A young girl about fifteen came to me and said "I can tell by your eyes you understand what it is to experience the feeling of not belonging."

At that moment all I could say was "Thank you Lord, you have put me where I belong."

I will try to write in more detail what we experienced being in a strange country. Learning to live and understand their way of life. What it is like in more detail; some of the exciting experiences and conversations we had.
My husband Harry and I began our mission from 1977 to 2007, taking us too many places in the United States, Africa and Russia. I pray this book will inspire someone.

To follow what and when God speaks to them and the follow that word.

Keys, Clef and Redemption
by Karen Bonvillain Bull

A non-stoppable force meets the fully kinetic energy. The diabolical mixture, of broken worlds colliding, make an unforgettable story.

Thrown together in the turmoil of a recovering New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, meet:
Keys – A young man, a savant, traumatized after witnessing a murder. Fighting his fears, trying to exist in a normal world, while dealing with his own unique challenges.

Gabriella Noir – Head of the HFTF (Homes for the Future), Gabi’s fighting demons from a two year old tragedy.
Sal Francione (first introduced in “Who Was Benny Looter”) deals with a past he had no control over. Out to help everyone, but can he forgive himself?

Rebuilding, redemption….In a city of lost souls, can forgiveness reign?

This is a murder mystery and romance mixed in a gumbo of culture, emotion, music, dance and culinary delights.
Karen Bonvillain Bull delivers a to-go menu of mixed emotions at a level higher than she has ever reached.

Life Revisited
by Nadine Johnson

Nadine J. Johnson is a longtime published author of herbal garden columns. Her stories are in the former News Herald, under the title "The Farmer's Wife," in Chickasaw, Alabama. Her later columns appear in Baldwin County newspapers: Eastern Shore Courier as well as in The Troy Progress and the Troy Messenger. She writes a column, currently, for the Alabama Farmers Coop News under the title, "The Herb Lady." Nadine, also, is a former contributor of the Montgomery Advertiser.

Her herb and plant gardens are proof of her knowledge and expertise in cultivation and harvesting.

She lived or worked in the following counties of Alabama: Pike, Montgomery, Elmore, Mobile and Baldwin. This provided her with herb and plant growth experiences in those areas.

Nadine Johnson: The Herb Lady   
Nadine Johnson: The Herb Lady
by Nadine Johnson

Nadine J. Johnson is a retired nurse and a longtime published author of herbal garden columns. Her stories were in the former News Herald, under the title "The Farmer's Wife," in Chickasaw, Alabama.  Her later columns appeared in Baldwin County newspapers: Eastern Shore Courier, as well as in The Troy Progress and The Troy Messenger. She wrote a column for the AFC Cooperative Farming News under the title, "The Herb Lady." Nadine also was a past contributor to the Montgomery Advertiser. She currently provides columns to the AFC News.

Nadine published two other books: "The Alabama Gardener" and "Life Revisted."



The Thin Line of Good and Evil
by Roger C. Bull

Detective Dante Nuzzollilo asks his senior partner, Detective Sergeant August De Noux, "Why do people do what they do? How can people be so warm, generous, considerate one moment then be so deceitful, thieving or murderous the next?"

"Gus," De Noux explains to his rookie partner, "God gave mankind the freedom of choice, free will, to do good or evil. Mankind has chosen to relentlessly exercise both choices."

A professional assassin stalks the Sixth District of New Orleans, known as the original Fort Apache, also as the Animal Kingdom. This area encompasses the Irish Channel of New Orleans. It has the highest crime rate in the city.

The news media, city hall and police supervisors want this hit man captured or killed. The citizens want him to finish his work. Why?

El Rey del Tiempo: It's Not What You Think
by Roger C. Bull

Death approaches quickly. Falling at 120 m.p.h. from an altitude of five miles high, the Special Forces Major signals to his troops to “stay tight.”

He receives thumbs-up signs from each member.

After this H.A.L.O. (high altitude - low opening) jump, they reach their designated altitude and deploy their chutes.

They land in a discrete area about one half mile from the target-area, as planned.

Once on the ground, as they remove their jump gear, including oxygen masks and mini-tanks, they converse to relieve the stress, yet they remain focused on the goal of the mission.

Major, “There’s nothing like dropping in unexpectedly for dinner! Is there, ladies?”

“You ought to know, Major. Was that Billy Bob who came home too soon to find his wife and you after that last mission?”

“Now, don’t be gettin’ insubordinate with me. I can rattle off 100 stories for every one of you girlie-boys,” the Major protests with a smile.

Just another assignment earmarked by the Commander-In-Chief, they carry out their missions, no matter the task. “What’s a guy or a gal got to do for lunch money these days?”

“We don’t get paid nothing, Major. But, look at all the fun we have!”

“Who we gonna kill this time, Major?” asks one of the soldiers.

“Depends on what they do, Sergeant. Might have to kill ours and theirs,” the Major replies, frankly.

Within the Heart and Soul, 1st edition
Within the Heart and Soul, 2nd edition
by Roger C. Bull

Life offers events, occurrences that exude expressions that motivate some to act, to communicate or to write about them. This is a collection of poems promoted by those motivators. It is a chronological evolution of Roger Bull's work from 1957 to mid-November 2011.

Here's hoping that they convey the essence of his reaction to those muses.


St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church
by Nonie Cherry and Roger C. Bull
For church members only

The St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church's directory. Robertsdale, Alabama.

La Soulier Rouge / The Red Shoe
by Karen Bonvillain Bull

Even in New Orleans, the good guys are hexed by juju. Especially in New Orleans. Sometimes death is the suspect in the prime of life…

He had grown up in the city of New Orleans and he knew all the back streets and alleys. It was this knowledge that he was relying on to save his life. He looked down at the growing red stain spreading on his shirt.

A loud blast sounded. He turned and watched in horror as the bullet moved through the air as if in slow motion before it hit its target. His body jerked up, then back downward from the impact, as he fell to the ground. Something was gently laid in his hand and then as if from very far away he heard the sound of pounding feet leaving him to die.

The judge was dead. Unbelievable. The news spread like wildfire. The Daily T P ‘s banner headline proclaimed the sad news. The news station carried the story of the body that was found in an alley. In an alley for Christ’s sake. Like a common drug addict, everyone said. How could this be? He was shot several times and left to die. Bled to death, alone.

What does this beloved judge, a long haired sexy dancer, and a feisty Cajun Grand-mere have in common? And what’s up with the red shoes? Hear the jazz, smell the cuisine as Jacob Boudreaux, a news journalist home after Katrina, travels through the famous French Quarter looking for answers.

Answers: Heaven Speaks
by Joe and Marisa Moris

Through 100's of hours of channeled recordings a Christian father, Joseph Moris, and his Spiritually Intuitive daughter, Marisa Moris, together bring you the Answers that they have been given by the "other side" to questions that we all have had at one time or another in our life such as:

Who are we?

Where do we come from?

Is there life after death?

Are we surrounded by passed loved ones?

Do Angels really exist?

Is Heaven real?

Who is God?

Do humans exist in other parts of the Universe?

In this first book by Joseph and Marisa on the subject of Answers from the "other side" you'll read about this "normal" family's journey through life not knowing that Marisa was a latent medium all along and how complications arose from her eventual gift to channel Heaven.

Marisa and Joe are two VERY different authors. Each contribute to this book for VERY different reasons: Joseph through Christianity and Marisa through Spirituality. But each have the same core belief....That belief is in understanding the light of Christ and what that means!! Answers explains in depth who "Christ" really is!!!

Answers is also a very easy read. Even a child of 12 will understand the subjects being exposed in this text. Anyone can comprehend the complicated information that the angels and guides have shared with Joe, through Marisa's trance channeling, for the past 2+ years.

As "they" have explained, Joseph has been given the task by "the other side" to metaphorically take "quantum physics" and reduce it to "simple math". Easily understanding the truth being revealed in this book will be, for you the reader, a life changing event!! We both hope you enjoy it!!

Through the Seasons in Meditation, Homily and Verse
by George Gilbert

In this day of high stress, economic down turns, negative press and high work demands a person requires some relief. Father Gilbert helps us to unwind with his meditations, homilies and verse. George literally illustrates with his concise and timeless words. He draws upon Scripture from the Holy Bible and lays a clear picture before you. He helps you to understand, in contemporary terms, the meanings behind the parables of the Gospel spoken throughout the six liturgical seasons of the year. If you seek the inner peace and the strength of God's Love, be sure to read "Through the Seasons in Meditations Homily and Verse."

Sherds: a Memoire
by Jule Moon

When the seasons of Life change, you can sense the difference in the winds and the temperatures. Jule brings you her perspective of those changes. You will sing and dance, laugh and cry, be joyful and be angry.

Jule's pensive moments and her rich experiences are captured in snapshots of her life. We can reflect upon them; and we can relate to them.

She is a precious jewel with many sparkles. She is a delightful person who captures the spirit of humanity in ways that we can understand them.

Read her book and appreciate Life in a new way.

The Real Police
by James S. Prine

The racy jambalaya of war stories, anecdotes, observations and comments was gleaned from street cops all over New Orleans... America's most exotic and romantic city. Offbeat stories and comments from patrolmen, narcs, detectives, deputy sheriffs and state troopers are mixed with little known facts, forming a spicy Creole gumbo. As one NOPD old-timer remarked, "Some of these stories will make you laugh out loud. Others will bring tears to your eyes."

Written by veteran cop, James Prine, The Real Police is not for the squeamish, and it cheerfully thumbs its nose at 'political correctness.' These true stories are the part of police work cops usually keep to themselves. If you're a street cop, or if you've ever wanted to be one... this book is for you.

Flying with my Higher Self
by Robert R Maldonado

What would your life be like if an ascended master like Jesus or the Buddha came to earth, and you could have a personal conversation about everything... Everything, including life, death, the afterlife, the spiritual path, becoming a better person and realizing one's full potential? What if this being was to remind you of that ageless truth that you are your higher self? To listen to and trust the guidance in your life and follow its voice, so as to become acquainted with spiritual things in a way that was impossible without it? You are the pilot of your life and always, always remember that you are not flying alone.

One summer morning the author met Sam Watson, a helicopter pilot. The author's life changed forever.

Once upon a time, a helicopter pilot came to earth and proclaimed to be a master teacher of the Truth. The truth that humanity can realize their God-Nature by becoming their Higher Self...

Our Second Child   
Our Second Child
by John Rossman

“You won, baby. You won for both of us. Our love filled my heart like a second child would have. I’ll never let that go, my sweet Jake. I’ll never let that go.” - Mara Rockman

If you could go back and change anything, would you? Or, would that change everything? In this sometimes comical, sometimes heart wrenching and always exciting novel, follow the Rockman family, as they are confronted with seemingly insurmountable obstacles throughout their life together. Set during the last meaningful week they would have with each other, Jake Rockman wills his way against cancer to be the father, grandfather, and husband that he wants everyone to remember when he is gone. Drawing from past experiences and flashbacks, “Our Second Child” is a voice for families dealing with, secondary infertility, cancer and health issues concerning their children. Wrapped in the beautiful scenery of the Alabama Gulf Shores, this love story is intense and refreshingly authentic.

Tenuem - The Thin Line
by Roger C. Bull


Detective Sergeant August “Gus” De Noux proposes that priorities rule Life. People base their choices upon those orders of importance. He knows that Life presents him with his next choice. How will he decide? What will result from his choice?

His detective partner, Dante Nuzzollilo, faces his next consideration, based upon Gus’ choice. Dante confronts the fork in the road.

Join Gus, Dante and their new partner, Detective Marianela Laconcha, in solving the Dapper Dan serial murder case. When you think that all is done, Life slams the next choice in your face.

Life throws a Crescent City wrench into the NOPD. Radical Islamic extremists strike The City That Care Forgot: The Big Easy. Spies, terrorists, moles mixed with ancient battles between religions, cultures. It’s a bloody conflict that the NOPD Homicide Task Force was ill-prepared to fight..., but, who’s stopping them?

Who Was Benny Looter?
1st & 2nd editions
by Karen Bonvillain Bull

Anna gasped as she stumbled, flailed, then fell down to the white sand of the Gulf Shores beach. Shaking her head to clear it, she looked to see what had made her fall. A hand, just a hand, crooked fingers reaching out, broke through the wet sand. It was as if trying to dig through, had been the implement to halt Anna’s running feet.

Why would someone kill a widow who was well liked in the
community, in contrast to her megalomaniac and arrogant

An investigation by a former N.O.P.D. homicide detective turned genealogist finds a connection between the Gulf Shores, Alabama murder and organized crime in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The victim had hired him to uncover the history of her deceased husband, Benny Looter. He had been President/C.E.O. of Congressional Bank, a trustee of Autumn University, and a big time booster of the War Raptor football team. His aggressive andintrusive involvement in the selection of coaches, players and operations of the football team led to many controversies until his death.

What tied our victim’s death to organized crime? Take this time-traveling tour between the present and the past. See
how historical evidence ties to this current murder.

Life's Realities
by Carol Gibson

Stand up, take notice, the poems in this book aren't your typical sugar-n-spice, candy coated version you're accustomed to. They won't make you feel all warm and cozy inside. My poems come from the streets, the news, talk shows, and yes, some even from the workplace. They're from true life events and happenings. They might seem like they're from the wrong side of the tracks, but in reality, they're everywhere.

My poems take you from any neighborhood or town who has internet access, behind closed doors, to Wall Street, and right up to Washington. Reality is everywhere and we all get hit with it, some each day of our lives.

Yes, my poems are real, but the format is as soft as they get. You'll be able to relate to some and say "Yes, how true!" I hope I have in some way expressed myself the way I meant to and in no way offended anyone. Peace be with you all........My prayer each night.

Marco's 'Make It Your Own' Culinary Cookbook
by Marco Nuzzolillo

Marco Nuzzolillo resides in Abita Springs, Louisiana with Tivis, his wife of 45 years where he operates “Catering by Marco,” a culinary service specializing in Italian / Creole delicacies and old and new world international cuisines.

While developing his skills and technique in the kitchen under the tutelage of his Mother, Eleanor “Noni” Battaglia Nuzzolillo, whom he’s been cooking with since he was 11 years of age, Marco enjoyed a successful career in Law Enforcement with the New Orleans Harbor Police, as a Homicide Detective with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s, and as Chief of Detectives and a Patrol Supervisor with the Mandeville Police Department. He retired with honors in 2004 after 31 years of service to Country and Community.

Marco has embraced his retirement and enjoys hanging out with his grandchildren, international travel, following the New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers, tending his Cucuzza patch, and of course making magic in the kitchen.

The Shadows Of Nazareth
by S. R. Perricone

In the weeks following the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina, thousands of runaways descended on ravaged New Orleans with the hopes of finding jobs to help rebuild America's most intriguing city—New Orleans. Young, naive, and ready for adventure, they unknowingly walked into the jaws of homicidal predators.

When the storm-weary police discovered the naked and abused bodies of runaways, they called the FBI. In turn, the FBI requested their Behavioral Science Unit from Quantico, Virginia.

What revelations did the BSU uncover in their investigation? Who was involved? Why were these deviants pursuing these victims? When and where were these crazed characters performing their acts of atrocity?

The task force needed to lure the deviants from their lair. What did the agents do? Did the plan work..., and at what cost?

In the midst of this ungodly investigation, there was more than physical evidence involved. Were there spirits? And, who is Father O'Malley?

New Orleans, the city that care forgot. The Big Easy.

Not for these victims.

An old European state of mind in an American city with Napoleonic influences. The crusty but vivacious establishment driven by order and chaos. Where corruption masquerades as legality. She is called New Orleans, the Queen of Deception.

Blue Steel Crucifix
by S. R. Perricone

When the beautiful auburn-haired confident of the former Louisiana governor was found floating in a desolate swamp near New Orleans, no one in the FBI seemed to care, despite her unrequited cooperation with one of their most significant investigations. Whoever put two bullets in her head, felt bold and immune from scrutiny. While they gloated in their ersatz power, they waited and planned their next murder, the mob’s accountant, who not only testified against his former friends, but also hid their inculpating treasures. The mob and a certain governor wanted those treasures and were willing to kill for them.

Antoine Biaggi knew how the mob operated. For years, he kept their books and knew who got paid what, when and for what reason. When he refused to go into the Witness Protection program upon his release from federal prison, his old associates were waiting for him. Even his old childhood friend, Father Joseph Terranova, could not dissuade him from returning to New Orleans and a certain death.

Meanwhile, miles from New Orleans, a young Native American man, Wilson Three Eagles, was preparing to graduate from law school at the University of Montana. With no employment prospects, he joined the FBI with the hope of helping his natal people. But the FBI had other plans for him, and upon graduating from the FBI Academy, he was assigned to a secret task force assembled to investigate organized crime’s pernicious grip on Louisiana’s public officials and even on the FBI.

Crescent City Crime: The Trilogy
by Karen Bonvillain Bull

Reworked. Re-edited. Moving. Flowing. Like the river that bends around this old city, I flow with the changes in my stories to make them new again.

An old fashioned city with distinctly old cultures, a gumbo of Spanish, French, English, Creole, Irish, and other international influences, that is New Orleans. For all of her charm, architecture, art, music, culinary tastes, she is a lady filled with humanity... Human beings with choices..., to do good or evil.

Climb the clef notes and fly... or fall.

Eat to your heart's delight... or crawl under a bridge and try to survive.

Paint yourself into the world's museums... or into a corner with no escape.

Build a new world..., or collapse with the ruin of the derelicts.

The Big Easy is..., or it will be the crescent around your neck, dragging you under the eddies of the mighty Mississippi.

There are unmistakable charms and characters in this city. New Orleaneans have no match. Se la vie, cher! (That's life, precious!)

Karen Bonvillain Bull, author of three murder mysteries: "Who Is Benny Looter?," "La Soulier Rouge / The Red Shoe," and "Keys, Clef and Redemption," and a bonus short story, "Good Night My Angel." Stories tied by characters with bonds to a city like no other. New Orleans.

The Bible Speaks: Book I
by Joe and Marisa Moris

Modern day spiritual teachings explained to us by the authors of the New Testament. This is the best of both worlds… Religion and Spirituality! "The Bible Speaks" series has filled the gaps that I had in my faith due to questions I have asked and never received. -- Marisa and Joe

What would you do if?

You had an out of body experience and met an angel on the other side that told you that it isn’t yet your time to go?

You suddenly were given the ability to see and hear Jesus?

Your father was a devoted Christian and Bible enthusiast who is being told by his pastors that speaking to the “other side” was evil?

Jesus introduced you to his “friends” and then said to write his and their words down in order to bring them to a 21st Century world?

Would you?
Think you are going crazy?

Go against the teachings in the Bible that condemns those who speak to the “other side”?

Just dismiss it all and follow the advice of your pastors to pray so that you don’t see Jesus?

Or would you write Jesus’ words down and put them into a book?

Marisa had an out of body experience after having a seizure while driving in 2008. She met an angel that looked just like her. Marisa pleaded to her angel: “I don’t want to go back there”, but her angel said no. She told Marisa that she still had much to do. Not long afterwards Marisa began to have visions…much like the Prophets and other characters of the Bible had. Soon after that she was able to communicate openly at will with the angels and guides and even Jesus.

Marisa and her father Joe, a devout Christian, were being told by his pastors that anyone claiming to have the ability to communicate with the “other side” was evil. Trusting his daughter instead, Joe decided to start taping and transcribing the sessions that Marisa was having with “The Other Side". Joe asked the questions and Marisa channeled the answers. From those first sessions in 2012 came Answers Heaven Speaks.

Now comes Answers The Bible Speaks. Two years in the making, there are five books featuring Jesus and the New Testament Authors. Book I features Matthew and Mark. Book II features Peter and John (including Revelation). Book III features the good friends Luke and Paul who each had never met Jesus in the flesh. Book IV features Jesus’ earthly brothers James and Jude and Book V is a one on one interview with Jesus.

Marisa is not a religious or biblical person which makes these books even that much more astounding. Through her special abilities we now come to know the personalities, opinions and lives of the Authors as well as that of Jesus. Jesus also tells us that the readers of these books will understand the Bible better now and say things like ‘Oh, that is what they meant’ and ‘Oh, that is why they wrote that’ Jesus further promised that he and each of the characters in these books will literally be with the reader in spirit as they read their words.

The Bible Speaks: Book II
by Joe and Marisa Moris

At the end of our first taped session into learning about the Pyramids and other mysteries of the Earth and the Universe, I asked Marisa if I could question Jesus about Paul, the New Testament author. We were astonished when Jesus obliged and appeared to Marisa. I then asked Jesus, “Did Paul write his thirteen epistles in the New Testament from his heart.” Jesus said "Ask him yourself;" whereupon Paul ap-peared. The response Paul gives surprised us. You can read it in his and Luke’s Book III in this series. After hearing from Jesus and Paul, Marisa and I decided to change the book from Earth’s Mysteries to interviewing the New Testament authors instead. There are five books. Book I features Matthew and Mark; Book II Peter and John; Book III Luke and Paul; Book IV James and Jude and Book V is a one-on-one interview with Jesus.

Throughout this process we interviewed Jesus a lot. He gave us several new parables. In one of these parables, Jesus says that we are all diamonds surrounded by coal. The diamond is representative of the Spirit that resides in every living person. The coal symbolizes the influences of the dark forces that effect us in our everyday life. Jesus says that it is the goal of the Spirit to chip away at that coal until our diamond shines through and becomes a beacon of light to others.

For those who know Marisa, you know that she may be one of the last persons that you would approach to discuss the Bible which is what makes these “Authors” books even more astounding. In this series we come to know the personalities of the New Testament authors and surprisingly this all comes through Marisa. I just ask the questions.

Jesus told us, "People will understand the Bible now and say things like, ‘Oh, that is what they meant,’ and ‘Oh, that is why they wrote that.’"

Each of these author accounts in The Bible Speaks series reads much like a novel. Even more, Jesus promises that he and each of the characters in these books will be with you while you are reading their words... He promised! So, Enjoy!!

Within the Temples: Bloodletting
by Roger C. Bull

Detective Sergeant August “Gus” De Noux proposes that priorities rule Life. People base their choices upon those orders of importance. He knows that Life presents him with his next choice. How will he decide? What will result from his choice?
His detective partner, Dante Nuzzollilo, faces his next consideration, based upon Gus’ choice. Dante confronts the fork in the road.

Join Gus, Dante and their new partner, Detective Marianela Laconcha, in solving the Dapper Dan serial murder case. When you think that all is done, Life slams the next choice in your face.

Life throws a Crescent City wrench into the NOPD. Radical Islamic extremists strike The City That Care Forgot: The Big Easy. Spies, terrorists, moles mixed with ancient battles between religions, cultures. It’s a bloody conflict that the NOPD Homicide Task Force was ill-prepared to fight..., but, who’s stopping them?

From There to Here
by Jerry C. Davis

Have you ever wondered what molded your character and developed you to become the person you are today? Over the las several decades it's certainly crossed my mind many times. I concluded much of my inspiration was derived from reading adventure books like Mark Twain's "Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn," and taking time listening to old people telling me their own personal stories. These experiences inspired me to look forward to making the most of my life and, at the same time, enjoying the places I visiit and those I meet along the way.

Scandal in a Small Kentucky Town
by Joe Worley

Ruined lives, incest, suicide, and murder arises from an outbreak of syphilis spread by a local high school girl. The mayor, health officials, chief of police, and townspeople struggle their way through the chaos, in this small Appalachian town.

A Long Good Walk
by Ron Meszaros

A nine-year-old boy, frightened by an overheard conversation, sets off on a remarkable self-sacrificing journey to shoot the man who would kill his grandmother, and by doing so would save two lives. Including his mother’s. But the obstacles that lie hidden in his path are not of this third grader’s understanding. How he copes with them and overcomes the nearly impossible task makes this day a day like no other. Along the way, he is befriended by an odd assortment of people who have no idea of his heroic odyssey, and in turn pose problems and lessons, life changing. His unique quietness, inquisitiveness, and resilience are his lone weapons against the forces that lie in his path. And it all happens one spring day in small town Barberton, Ohio. The day of a long good walk.

The Secret Life of David Goens
by Ron Meszaros

In the postcard perfect small town of Fairhope Alabama nestled on the shores of Mobile Bay a young man quietly tunnels underground and into the privacy of his neighbors and then surprisingly back in time to a hidden love, revealing stories of those long gone. The seventeen year old girl who seeks his friendship is running from her past and searching for something to hold onto in the present. Is it truly David Goens? Or is he merely a way station? Can she heal her wounds with a love forbidden? Will he be strong enough to resist the temptation? And what mysteries lay buried in a small town that appears so perfect? Uncover secrets. Uncover the past. Uncover Love. This begins The Secret Life of David Goens. A life of unexpected discoveries and the effervescence of a young girl anxious to become a young woman.

Brutal Obituary
by Shiela Smith

A Galveston man died and the news of his eulogization received worldwide attention. Millions begged to know how could someone write such a scathing obituary full of brutal honesties. Domestic abuse, drinking, drugs and mental illness along with a criminal history soon to be told by a survivor..., courageous enough to defy her abuser and rise above. Everyone loves a success story so if you're a victim of abuse, you'll be inspired, but if you're an abuser - you'll want to hide.

Ralph's Stories
by Rafael Maldonado

Rafael joined the military, worked his way up from an enlisted man to an officer. When he left the service, he joined the Ford Motor Company and served as a supervisor of the Venezuela manufacturing plant. After befriending Lee Iococa, he transferred to the Chrsyler Corp.

This is a memoir meant for family and friends of the author.

L.E.O. Shorts - An Anthology
by Metro-New Orleans L.E.O.s

This is an anthology of real police stories. They were written for law enforcement officers by law enforcement officers. This is not for the squemish. Some of these stories are graphic. Adult language is used. You receive a true feeling of an officer's life when you read this book. Written by local, state, and federal officers. Some stories are dark, depressing. Some are humorous. Officers protect their psychies by adhering to comedic responses. Other stories are emotionless to avoid nightmares. All profits will go towards the Louisiana Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and the Hero One project to honor fallen officers. Hero One is a police unit refurbished and repaired for funeral and other events to honor officers.

Robbie Finds a Home   
Robbie Finds a Home
by C. D. Collins

If your children and yourself love dogs, especially rescued dogs, this is the book for you. C. D. Collins rescued Robbie as a pup. He's now older and is trained as a service dog. This book is adorable, lovable.

Song of the Whip-Poor-Will   
Song of the Whip-Poor-Will
by Rosemary Collins

Rosemary Collins is a retired medical transcriptionist. She atteneded Auburn University and graduated from the Univerity of South Alabama. She was born in a small southern Alabama town. As her family moved from one small town to another, she began to accumulate ideas for Song of the Whip-Poor-Will. Although Rosedale is a fictional town, it is based on remembrances of her life growing up in the south. She has had published two magazine articles. This is her first novel. The story is somewhat based on her life, but is not autobiographical. She enjoys her grandchildren, writing and gardening.

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